There are so many Filipino myths and superstitions about pregnancy! A lot of them have something to do with how the baby will look, or predicting if you’re having a boy or a girl.

You’ve probably heard relatives say that if you have acne breakouts while you’re pregnant, you’re having a boy. Some women experience this, but others get glowing skin and even skin tone. Both can be attributed to the surge of hormones in your body. And it’s not a reliable indicator of your baby’s sex!

Some believe the shape of your belly indicates your baby’s sex. A pointy bump contains a boy, while a round one means you’re having a girl. But the shape of your bump can change a lot over nine months, depending on your baby’s position and movements.

What about your baby’s looks? They say it depends on what you eat, so coffee and dark chocolate will give your baby dark skin! Of course, it’s really genetics that will determine the color of your baby’s skin, hair and eyes, as well as the rest of her appearance.

Don’t forget what’s really important. Whether you have a boy or a girl, whether your baby looks more like you or daddy, cherish every moment of this wonderful road to parenthood. So set aside your worries and bite into something that will do you and your baby good!

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