One of the dreaded symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. For some women, it’s the first clue that they might be pregnant. For others, it starts as soon as they see the positive pregnancy test! There are pregnant women who feel like throwing up all day, not just in the morning. And there are those who experience it throughout their entire pregnancy!

What causes morning sickness? Science has no definite answer, but some theories include the increased level of hormones in your body, your heightened sense of smell, and the fact that your digestive tract relaxes during pregnancy.

But don’t worry! For many pregnant moms, the worst of it passes by the 14th week. In the meantime, have a snack! You’re more likely to feel nauseated if your stomach is empty, because the acids in your stomach are churning. So have something quick and light as soon as you wake up, or right before you go to bed. Have some Crave Healthy Chips to settle your stomach and replenish those nutrients!

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